Why are aluminum molds so popular?

Update:29 Dec 2020

At present, most of the molds used in many machinery are made of aluminum materials. When it comes to this, you may ask, why most molds are made of aluminum? Is there any benefit to making molds with aluminum? Learn about aluminum precision molds!


Advantage 1: Use aluminum precision molds to advance corrosion resistance

After the mold steel is used for a period of time, there will be pits, stains and discoloration. This is because during the production process, certain plastics will produce corrosive substances, such as PVC will produce chloride ions, which easily react with iron and make plastics The surface of the mold is damaged, but there will be no corrosion effect on the aluminum alloy product. The surface of the mold can be bright and clean, which extends the service life of the mold and advances the level of the product.

Advantage 2: Using aluminum alloy to make molds can significantly increase production power

The heat conduction function of aluminum alloy is 4-5 times that of steel, which can be heated or cooled more effectively, reducing energy consumption, greatly shortening the demolding time, and then significantly increasing the output power of the mold

Advantage 3: Use aluminum precision molds to advance polishing quality and power

The polishing cost of steel molds accounts for about 30% of the total cost of the mold. This is because polishing is a time-consuming and costly process. The effect depends on the polishing technology, the microstructure and uniformity of the material, and the strength of the aluminum alloy. High and stable, fine organization and no defects, polishing is simpler, and can quickly reach the mirror effect.

Advantage 4: The use of aluminum precision molds can greatly shorten the production time

Aluminum alloy processing function is excellent, high-speed cutting is possible, and the cutting processing speed is 40% faster than that of die steel such as P20, so the processing cycle of the die is greatly reduced. After processing, the surface of the mold is lubricated and shiny, making demolding easier. At the same time, the superior precision machining function and excellent welding function make it easier and more convenient to make slim mold design and repair processing errors or worn molds. If the production practice needs are fully taken into account, and the production tools suitable for aluminum alloy are used exclusively, the processing speed can be advanced. Due to the special heat treatment during the production process, the remaining stress of aluminum is very small, so the deformation of aluminum alloy machining is small. Aluminum is suitable for cutting processing and also suitable for EDM.More about:Auto parts aluminum die casting