What is the significance of digitalization for the development of die casting industry

Update:10 Dec 2020

Digital technology is a new technology favored by all walks of life today. Under the drive of digitalization, all walks of life are developing vigorously. The application of digital technology to the production of automobile molds has greatly promoted enterprises. In recent years, the rapid development of digital mold technology is an effective way to solve many problems faced by automobile mold development. Driven by digital mold technology, my country's automotive die-casting mold industry is opening up a new blue ocean.

Aluminum die casting parts

Zinc alloy butterfly caps. At present, domestic private mold companies generally have advanced equipment resources and relatively advanced technology applications. New technologies can be widely and quickly applied in the industry. From design and manufacturing to related material production, heat treatment, etc., an industrial chain is formed and integrated Outstanding advantages. However, due to insufficient funds and lack of own brands, hardware mold companies will increase investment in management and technological transformation, expand the proportion of high-end products, and set up domestic sales departments to actively expand the domestic market. The profits of Chinese industrial enterprises are expected to increase substantially in the coming months. With the overall recovery of the world's second largest economy, the profits of Chinese industrial enterprises rebounded overall in the fourth quarter of last year.