What process is die casting?

Update:03 Dec 2020

Custom precision die casting parts is a special type of casting. By pouring molten or semi-molten metal into the pressure chamber of the die-casting machine, under the action of high pressure, the molten metal is filled into the cavity of the die-casting mold at high speed, and the molten or semi-molten metal is cooled under high pressure A high-efficiency and high-efficiency precision casting method to obtain castings by solidification.

Compared with traditional casting, the same thing is that all the parts are obtained by pouring molten or semi-molten metal into the mold, and then cooling and solidifying the cooling metal.

Differences from traditional casting: 1. After the die casting process is poured, before the molten metal enters the mold, it first enters the pressure chamber, and then pressurizes it into the mold. This makes the filling speed of die casting faster than ordinary gravity casting. 2. During the die-casting process, there will be a process of pressurizing and holding pressure. By applying pressure, the internal compactness of the metal after solidification is better than that of traditional castings.