What factors affect the machining accuracy of sand casting aluminum?

Update:21 Jan 2021

Foundry cast aluminum processes more complex parts, and has a certain degree of flexibility and versatility. However, the machining accuracy of parts is affected by the manufacturing accuracy of cams and masters, and the process preparation time is also very long.
1. When we use a lathe to process parts, we usually need to control the various actions of the machine tool. One is the sequence of control actions, and the other is to control the displacement of each moving part of the machine.

2. When changing the processing object, you only need to rewrite the program code and input it to the machine tool, and the CNC device can replace most of the functions of the human brain and hands, control the whole process of processing, and manufacture arbitrarily complex parts.

3. When using CNC lathes to process parts, you only need to compile the part graphics, process parameters, and processing steps in the form of digital information into program codes and input them into the machine tool control system, and then convert them to drive servo mechanism after calculation In order to control the coordinated actions of various parts of the machine tool, the parts can be processed automatically.More about:custom aluminum die casting engine cover Manufacturerscf27