What are the specific characteristics of magnesium alloy die casting?

Update:03 Sep 2020

Magnesium alloy manufacturers only know that they are flammable and explosive materials, so until now, there are not many magnesium alloy die-casting manufacturers.

Magnesium alloy processing process and dao corrosion and mechanical properties have many characteristics: light weight, rigidity Good, with certain corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, good attenuation performance and easy recycling; in addition, it has high thermal and electrical conductivity, non-magnetic, good shielding and non-toxic characteristics. Application scope: Magnesium alloy is widely used in portable equipment and automobile industry to achieve the purpose of lightweight.


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Although the specific gravity of magnesium alloy is heavier than plastic, its strength and elastic modulus per unit weight are higher than that of plastic. Therefore, with the same strength parts, magnesium alloy parts can be made thinner and lighter than plastic. In addition, because the specific strength of magnesium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and iron, the weight of aluminum or iron parts can be reduced without reducing the strength of parts.

Products are mainly used in auto parts, communication equipment, electronic parts, sports equipment, photographic equipment, fishing gear, lighting, various electric tools, and so on. At present, there are more than 10 professional magnesium-aluminum alloy die-casting equipment from 180 to 800 tons, which can basically meet the die-casting of small and medium-sized products. At the same time, it is equipped with mold processing equipment, such as CNC machining center, slow wire cutting, mirror spark machine and numerical control Lathes, etc., can manufacture high-precision die-casting molds according to customer requirements.