How to improve the quality of zinc alloy precision die castings and control production costs?

Update:27 Nov 2020

1. The amount of recycled materials can be reduced accordingly.
2. On the other hand, in a continuous and smooth arrangement of group production, each production step forms a group, which is gradually arranged in sequence. This can reduce the capital backlog caused by redundant transportation and warehousing in the factory, and ultimately can achieve cost reductions for the factory in the entire production process.
3. The pouring system or runner system of high pressure casting refers to the metal flow channel from the injection system of the die casting machine to the mold cavity. The gating system of the hot chamber die casting machine includes a gooseneck, nozzle, split cone, runner, internal gate and exhaust system. The flow of liquid zinc alloy in the gating system belongs to the category of fluid mechanics, so it can be analyzed by the principle of hydraulics.

tapered runner system is based on the basic principle of hydraulics, that is, the tapered runner can reduce the pressure loss in the runner by controlling the speed of the fluid, and obtain a high gate speed to shorten the filling time. The above-mentioned purpose can be achieved by continuously shrinking the cross-sectional area from the gooseneck to the inner gate. This design can also effectively reduce the possibility of air mixing into the molten metal of the pouring system.
When designing the gating system, the first step is to determine the location of the gate and how the metal flow fills the cavity. The filling mode is determined by the position and size of the inner gate and the design of the runner at the inner gate. A good filling mode can exhaust the gas in the cavity through the exhaust channel, and make the metal flow have a stable flow, evenly fill the entire cavity, and avoid metal backflow.More about:custom precision die casting parts