How to avoid the defects in the production of aluminum castings

Update:18 Mar 2021

A process in which aluminum in a molten state is poured into a mold and cooled to form an aluminum part of the desired shape. However, in the process of producing cast aluminum parts, some defects are prone to occur, but don't panic! We can avoid it in the following ways.
1. The casting structure design is unreasonable, there are sharp corners, and the wall thickness of the casting changes too much.

2. Sand mold (core) poor concession

3. Local overheating of the mold

4. Pouring temperature is too high

5. It is too early to take out the casting from the mold

6. Heat treatment is overheated or burned, and the cooling rate is too extreme

Prevention of defects in aluminum castings

1. Improve the structural design of castings, avoid sharp corners, strive for uniform wall thickness and smooth transition

2. Take measures to increase the concession of the sand mold (core)

3. Ensure that all parts of the casting are solidified at the same time or sequentially, and improve the design of the pouring system

4. Appropriately reduce the pouring temperature

5. Control the mold cooling out time.

6. The thermal correction method is used when the casting is deformed.

7. Correctly control the heat treatment temperature and reduce the quenching cooling rate.

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